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Swedish Massage Jacksonville NC

Swedish is the most commonly known therapy in the western world. It is based upon concepts of anatomy and physiology rather than the Asian style of massage which has its origins in the theories of Chinese medicine-affecting the flow of "chi" or life-force energy throughout the body.

The Basics of Swedish

The primary goal of Jacksonville NC Swedish massage is total relaxation of the entire body by massaging the muscles. We achieve this by increasing the circulation and oxygenation of the blood, which decreases the number of toxins in the muscles. We do this by applying long gliding strokes in the direction of blood flow to the heart.

Other massage techniques employ firm kneading, circular pressure using the palms of the hand, and percussion-like tapping. Talk to your professional massage therapist regarding the amount of pressure and firmness used-a massage can be gentle to vigorous (deep tissue) depending on the recipient's needs and wants.

Why Swedish Massage Jacksonville NC?

Persons who may benefit from this type of therapy usually need relief from muscle tension, pain, or stress. It is also good for injury therapy where you need a focus on specific muscle groups for healing.

The Massage Therapists at Oriental Massage are licensed professionals skilled in the correct methods of massage with over 500 hours performed for certification. Tell them about any pain you may have and don't forget to mention injuries or other conditions (such as pregnancy) so they can give you the best possible service.

You may also make requests concerning the firmness of the massage-do you prefer a light or firm touch? Let our experienced hands alleviate your stress and make your body feel better. We offer personalized care at a low cost.

We look forward to serving you.