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Deep Tissue Massage Jacksonville NC; Pain management

For those seeking pain relief Jacksonville NC residents desire when their muscles are sore. Particularly in the cases where the pain is constant or has been lasting a long time, there is a special massage technique that gets into the deep layers of the muscles.

Jacksonville NC deep tissue massage treatment can really help relieve muscle pain and soreness, especially when it has been building up for a considerable period of time.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

    Essentially, it is really muscle therapy that focuses on creating new alignments in the deep layers of your muscles and the connective tissues. This type of massage is very helpful to those who suffer from the following.

  1. Chronic Aches and Pains in the Muscles
  2. Stiffness in the Neck and Upper Back
  3. Sore Shoulders
  4. Lower Back Pain
  5. Tightness in Leg Muscles

 The actual techniques used is similar to other forms of massage, but the movements are much slower and deeper in order to reach the areas where the connective tissues of the muscles exist.

The Advantages.

For those who have had an injury or chronic muscle tension, there are usually areas of painful, rigid tissues called adhesions that have built up in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These adhesions will actually block circulation and create the painful conditions, inflammation and limit mobility as well.

Deep tissue works to break down these adhesions to relieve the pain and restore mobility as well. This particular technique works by using massage oil combined with deep, direct pressure to break up the adhesions at their base levels.

Long Term Benefits: Patients have used for their medical conditions have results in greater long term benefits when treating conditions such as the following;

  1. Chronic and Lower Back Pain
  2. Postural Issues
  3. Tennis Elbow
  4. Repetitive Strain Injuries
  5. Prolonged Muscle Tension
  6. Osteoarthritis and Sciatica
  7. Fibromyalgia and Piriformis Syndrome
  8. Muscle Strain, Tension and More

 Less Pain: Although the techniques used will cause some discomfort and pain, it is only temporary and serves to help break up the adhesions that are deep in the muscle tissues. However, if the pain is outside your comfort zone, then it is advisable to inform your massage therapist as soon as it occurs so that no damage is done.

Increases Mobility: By breaking up the adhesions, the muscles can now heal properly which in turn provides you with more mobility. This can be very helpful when combined with other therapies if you are recovering from an injury or have long term issues.

Overall, the pain relief Jacksonville NC residents have been looking for can be found in the deep massage techniques which create healthier muscles, improve circulation and break up adhesions that limit mobility. For those who have been injured or simply suffer from long term muscle ailments, massage treatments provide the answer that you have been seeking.